Visalia, CA

Trifecta was created by both Marion Reneau-Perez and Armando Perez Jr. Marion is still in the UFC fighting competitively and is currently Ranked #10 in the World.  Marion needed a place she could train so both Marion and her husband Armando decided to open a gym in the community of Visalia, CA. The timing couldn’t have been any better! With the right people and support, they were both able to open a martial arts academy … with a GREAT family appeal!

Trifecta appeals to all types of people, FAMILIES especially! There is something for EVERYONE! You will feel the difference in our gym once you step inside! You will receive WORLD CLASS training with some amazing PROFESSIONAL Coaches and Professors and meet/train with like-minded people who only want to see you succeed and excel in the martial arts they fell in love with. Our goal is to discover our BJJ members strengths and work on their weakness offering them the best life-changing experience of training!

We PRIDE ourselves on being a great role model for our students, not only on the mats but off the mats as well. We DO NOT teach our students to lead by intimidation but by example, hard work and humility. We believe building character is far more important than any medal or belt color. 

Affiliated to Logic BJJ which was established in 2012 by Professor Lucas Rocha our lead professor and top World Class athlete in his division. 

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    Professor Marion-Perez

    Marion has been training Jiu Jitsu for the past 15 years. She started teaching it while she was a Blue belt under Cleber Luciano and continued on until present. She is owner of Trifecta with her husband Armando who is also her Head Coach in MMA. Marion is currently ranked #10 in the world in the Bantam Weight Division of the UFC. She has been a part of the UFC for the past 6 years and currently has the ONLY women’s team in Visalia. 

    Professor Armando Perez Jr.

    Mando is a former US Army Combat soldier and Iraq veteran.  Mando is head coach to UFC fighter Marion Reneau and currently a BLACK belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Professor Lucas Rocha. Mando is a Califorina state qualifier in wrestling, 5x NABJJF worlds champion, IBJJF Pan American champion, 5x IBJJF American Nationals, 2x IBJJF Worlds champion, SJIFF Black Belt World Champion.

    Professor Gabby Valdez

    Gabby has been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for the past 10 years. He is currently a Black Belt. He has competed and placed in many IBJJF tournaments and SJJIF tournaments. He works full-time for the Tulare County and contributes as security for Visalia First Assemble of God. His wife, a Brown Belt, and 2 children also train in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu. 

    For more information about our Visalia location call us at +1 (559)368-0988 or email us at